Sunday, January 24, 2016

Liberal Democrats to leave Great George Street

That's what Guido Fawkes reveals in the Sun today:
You have to feel for the Lib Dems. Wiped out at the ballot box in May and now they are being evicted. 
Aides are preparing to leave their HQ at Great George Street after Westminster, one of England’s most Tory councils, gave the go-ahead for plans to turn it into flats. It’s the Tories telling the Lib Dems to pack their bags all over again.
It won't be the council who have given us notice, of course, but the owners of the block. You can read about their plans for this building on New London Development.

Since Liberal Democrat News ceased publication I have not had much reason to visit party headquarters, but Great George Street never appealed to me the way that Cowley Street did. Maybe it was the arms dealers upstairs.
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
Where will we turn up next? Maybe it's time to reread the call from Simon McGrath for party HQ to be moved out of London.

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