Saturday, January 09, 2016

Owen Jones warns Labour critics of the BBC

Not only that, he is such a penetrating commentator that he warned them about their ludicrous campaign back in November:
My view is that the role of the media has become a crutch for the left, a convenient deflection from our own failure to convince and persuade. We fail to get traction, not because we have failed to communicate an inspiring alternative, but because the evil old media has brainwashed the public. 
This is clearly patronising, reducing sentient human beings to sheep or robots, lacking agency and programmed by media oligarchs. It is a defeatist attitude, too, because if millions of people can simply be instructed what to think by powerful forces in society, then we will never win any battle. It stops us from being critical of our own failures and seeking to address them.
Thanks to a tweet from John Rentoul.

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