Saturday, January 16, 2016

Keith Vaz changes his mind on Trident. Again

Eager to support his new leader, Keith Vaz tells the Leicester Mercury that Jeremy Corbyn has persuaded him it is right to scrap Britain's nuclear deterrent:
"He's made it very clear when he's prime minister he's not going to be able to use these weapons so what's the point of having them.
"I've known Jeremy Corbyn, all the years I've been in Parliament. I'm sure he will use his persuasive skill in order to put these views forward. 
"I've changed my mind on Trident and I've been persuaded by the things that he's said."
I find this puzzling. The first time I came across Vaz was when he was the Labour candidate for Richmond and Barnes in the 1983 general election.

During the campaign (or perhaps shortly before the election was called) I attended a debate on nuclear weapons organised by the local churches.

All three candidates took part - as well as Vaz there was Jeremy Hanley (Conservative) and Alan Watson (Liberal Alliance).

And Keith Vaz proposed that Britain should unilaterally give up its nuclear weapons.

I suspect that Vaz's always has the same beliefs on Britain's nuclear deterrent as his leader - whether that view is for it or against.

Note that today agreeing with Jeremy Corbyn is not the same thing as agreeing with Labour policy.

Later. Thanks to Troy for tweeting this old advertisement. It confirms my memory of Vaz's views on defence in those days...

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