Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where is the Liberal Democrat equivalent of the Beckett Report?

Margaret Beckett's report on what she believes to be the reasons for its defeat in last year's general election has been published by the Labour Party. BBC News has a summary.

There is an article about it on Liberal Democrat Voice, which gives in passing a dispiriting glimpse of the tactics we used to hold on to Sheffield Hallam.

It also has a noteworthy comment from Liberator's Mark Smulian:
At least Labour has published its report. I understand the equivalent Lib Dem one was released only to Federal Executive members on paper, which they were obliged to return at the end of their meeting, and has otherwise remained secret.
Let's hope the Lib Dem equivalent of the Beckett Report will be published soon.


Unknown said...

FE has not yet discussed the full report. As I understand it, it will be available to members once the process is complete.

Dan Falchikov said...

I gather the report will be published in individually numbered copies available by appointment for five minutes each leap year in the John O'Groats branch library.

On a Tuesday.

In July.

At 1am.

But provided it doesn't actually criticise anyone involved a precis may be available on Lib Dem Voice...