Saturday, June 11, 2016

"It's Illegal to Use a Legal Name"

These strange posters have been appearing across the country. I photographed this one outside Oakham station when I was in the town a couple of weeks ago for the reopening of the castle.

Jon Kelly tries to get to the bottom of the mystery on the BBC News site, but reaches no firm conclusion. You will also a thread about it on Above Top Secret.

There are lots of people out there with strange views, but not many of them have the money to pay for a national billboard campaign.


Andrew Hickey said...

You can find more about these people's strange beliefs at , which is the best simple explanation of them I've come across.
My cousin is one, and they're rather sad. Some appear to be con artists, but most appear, in my experience, to be undiagnosed schizophrenics, obsessed with a kind of linguistic pareidola, where because words sound similar (or can be made to) they must have the same meaning, and where the right magic words can actually control reality.

Anonymous said...

The Birth Certificate Registration process creates a copyrighted legal document which is used to ‘breed’ other legal documents. However, without express written permission to use legal documents, from the owner of the copyrighted information, we may not do so. In short, we have no permission, unless we do, to use the Birth Certificate.

Do you have express, written permission from the copyright owner of the Birth Certificate indicating that you have the right of use of their copyrighted material?

Typically, only those who have crossed the bar, legal-club members, have the right to use all legal documents.

This is a deliberate ruse, a situation which was set-up not only to control us and scam us for profit but to create a situation where we are each made default fraudulent criminals simply because we do what we were taught/shown/advised/conditioned to do: we use the legal name as if we had a right to do so, as if it were ours, as if it were who we are.

When you decided to go abroad on your first holiday, you were told you’d need a Passport. When you inquired as to obtaining your first Passport, you were very likely told/read information indicating you’d need to provide YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE as EVIDENCE OF IDENTITY.

Interesting, therefore, that many birth certificates have cautions written upon them, cautions about copying, fraudulent use, etc. The one I used to think was mine says: NOT TO BE USED AS EVIDENCE OF IDENTITY. And I’ve seen others which say the same.

So it seems we were caught in the legal catch-22, and effectively enslaved within the legal fiction criminal realm of paper and ink, through our own ignorant consent to do was we are told and through a need to survive within a world where it’s simply impossible to avoid the legal matrix completely.

The Truth Will Set You Free.

You see, there is Creation/God/Truth/Natural law and there is man-made ‘legal’ ideas which are called ‘law’ to confuse us.

Creation/God/Truth/Natural law suggests it’s not acceptable to harm others, to steal, kill, and so on. Along the lines of Do Unto Others That Which You Would Have Others Do Unto You. Well, it’s simple enough. Don’t steal and you won’t experience what it’s like to have something stolen from you.

What about Thou Shalt Not Kill? Well, Legality says you may kill but only if you wear one of the many corporate military/police uniforms when you do it. You may, as state-licensed/registered executioner, carry-out death sentence murders. You may even kill all the innocent beating hearts of the animals which enter the slaughter-houses of the ‘food’ industry too, so long as the death-house-operation in question follows the legal rules of corporate/business/health & safety, etc.

Legality is a criminal enterprise, a man-made abomination, yet it’s what we knew to be ‘normal’. Actually, it is nothing more than a state-endorsed and enforced religion. It’s a religious ideology, a belief system based in nothing but the will to criminalise the innocent for profit & control and to lie, cheat, harm, steal and kill with impunity, it’s a legal fiction cult as is clearly indicated by one of its own ‘Maxims Of Law’:

‘Legality Is Not Reality’.


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