Thursday, June 02, 2016

"Jeremy Corbyn: The Outsider" is a sad film

We are so used to this behind-the-scenes view of politics being used in satire that it is hard to view this film from VICE News without looking for opportunities to laugh.

What it confirms is that the operation around Jeremy Corbyn is shambolic and that his decades on the far left have given him a weird view of the world.

In those circles the enemy is not so much the Tories as moderate Labour people and the press. Note that it is the Guardian and the BBC, where those two tendencies tend to come together, that particularly annoy Corbyn.

So in the end this film is not funny but sad. Sad because it makes you fear that, though they are incompetent and split down the middle, the Conservatives may well walk the next election.


Unknown said...

The Conservatives may win the next election but we must fight to become the official opposition-attack attack attack!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be fine with LibDem opposition to the Labour-SNP government I suppose.