Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The battle to save the Market Harborough to Gretton 67 bus

Conservatives are generally in favour of austerity until it affects their own ward or constituency.

Still, I am pleased to see that Conservative councillors are campaigning to save the Market Harborough to Gretton 67 bus.

According to the Northamptonshire Telegraph:
Conservative councillors Rob McKellar, Kevin Watt and Bridget Watts, who represent Weldon, Gretton and Priors Hall on Corby Council, are campaigning to save the service which Centrebus has announced will cease in July after its county council subsidy was withdrawn. 
They have launched a Facebook page calling for the service to be saved and are working with MP for Corby and East Northants Tom Pursglove, Gretton Parish Council and Northamptonshire County Council to try and broker a deal. 
Cllr McKellar said: “The Number 67 bus is a lifeline to many residents in Corby’s surrounding villages. 
“It doesn’t just transport local people between Gretton and Market Harborough, but it also connects our villages to Asda and to the Corby Business Academy, as well as providing a link between Priors Hall, Gretton and Rockingham. 
“We will fight hard to save the service and we will do everything in our power support to those affected by its cancellation.”
The photo above shows a bus at Gretton, but it is not the 67. It was taken during what turned out to be the final Welland Valley Beer Festival.

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Frank Little said...

Not surprised that it was an old photo. You don't see many ECW buses about these days.