Thursday, June 02, 2016

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

Just when I thought this feature had died, it makes a strong return. There were three new blogs added to the LibDemBlogs aggregator in May.

Thoughts of Progress, written by James Baillie, has been around (sporadically) for five years. Its most recent post says Britain is bigger than nationalism:
My Britain exists. It is vast and ancient and beautiful. And because it’s such a wonderful, diverse, powerful thing, this hubbub of confusion, this land of wood and hill and mist and rain, this island of immigrants… it is strong. Seen next to the big reality of everything that we are, the empty veneer of nationalism is just so, so small.
Iain Brodie Brown is the new mayor of Sefton and has started theMayoralBlog to record his year in office. He sounds like the best sort of Lib Dem mayor:
This morning I cycled over to King's Gardens to open a new art installation. The project, led by Sarah-Jane Richards, used re-cycled plastic bottles to create 'birthday blooms' for the Queen. It was truly impressive and shows how art and imagination can transform something as humble as a discarded fizzy drinks bottle.
The third new blog is Not So Red Ed. It is written by Edward Molyneux and claims to offer "a liberal voice of reason". A recent post was critical of the European Union's deal with Turkey over refugees:
The EU has always championed democracy and human rights, countries must meet specific criteria to join, but it seems that the EU has put those principles aside to get Turkey's help - you can’t imagine the EU signing a similar deal with Putin!
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