Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tomorrow I shall vote Remain and I hope you will too

It will come as no surprise that a Liberal Democrat member is going to vote Remain.

Though I have never been an instinctive federalist, I have always believed that membership of the European Union and and embracing of our European identity are good for Britain.

The referendum campaign has only strengthened me in that belief.

The Remain campaign has lacked sparkle, but the sheer weight of informed opinion from economists and business against leaving the European Union is compelling.

So much so that Michael Gove, who has long presented himself as the champion of rigour in education, has been reduced to telling us that "people in this country have had enough of experts".

But I am now even more worried about what Leave would do to British society that what it would do to our economy.

As Professor Simon Wren-Lewis writes on his blog mainly macro:
When Brexit fails to improve our public services or our economy there will be other scapegoats. Maybe migrants already here, or nasty foreigners who failed to give the beneficial trade deals the Leave campaign pretend we will get. In the US right now it is already happening, and this Brexit campaign shows that the UK has no inbuilt immunity to it. This is how it goes, as it has gone in the past.
These are the reasons why I shall vote Remain tomorrow. I hope you will too.

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