Friday, June 10, 2016

Leicestershire sets aside £2m for the Greville Janner abuse inquiry

From the Leicester Mercury:
Leicestershire County Council has set aside £2 million to cover the cost of assisting the inquiry into Greville Janner's alleged sexual abuse of boys in its care. 
The authority ran the children's homes in the city and county, where the former Labour politician allegedly met, groomed and sexually assaulted boys. 
It believes the £2 million will cover the cost of legal representation and digging out documents and other relevant material from its past. 
It said the cash would also would cover the cost of supporting the welfare of alleged abuse victims. 
The council will give an account of its actions to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, (IICSA) later this year.
The inquiry may cast more light on the actions of the county council in the case of Frank Beck, with whose offences the allegations against Janner are intertwined.

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Phil Beesley said...

Plucking numbers out of the air.

The primary role of Leicestershire County Council, in this case, is to deliver documents to the Greville Janner inquiry. It's a £15/20 per head per hour info search.

All that Leicestershire County Council has to do is to look up stuff in its archives, which *must* be well sorted over the years. It's not the first time they've been asked about Greville Janner. Unless documents have been fed to rabbits from outer space?

I live in the city, so I don't understand the county all of the time. Why is the County Council employing extra lawyers? Councils employ lawyers in the background to observe that nothing silly is happening; councils employ lawyers in the front room when they are embarrassed.

Plucking more numbers out of the air.

"It (County Council) said the cash would also would cover the cost of supporting the welfare of alleged abuse victims."

Prior to the inquiry to determine impact on alleged victims, we don't have a measure.