Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jesca Hoop: The Lost Sky

Stephen Thompson introduces this Sunday's artist:
Jesca Hoop first attracted national attention in the early '00s, when her unusual backstory — the daughter of musical Mormons, she'd served a long stint as nanny to Tom Waits' kids — helped fuel critics' interest in songs that always seemed to be coming at you sideways.
The Lost Sky is a track from her latest album. Memories Are Now.

There is a whole symposium devoted to it on Pop Matters, where Andrew Paschal says:
"The Lost Sky" is a gorgeous if troubled reverie, Jesca Hoop’s smokey vocals a relentless stream of circular thoughts, memories, and admonitions. There’s an uneasiness to the dueling guitar parts that adds a psychological feel to the song, as though we are in Hoop’s head as she hurries down the street or through the woods, muttering softly under her breath. There are so few pauses in the song that it’s easy to lose one’s way, which is, of course, part of its joy.
Tom Waits featured here a few Sundays ago.

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