Thursday, June 29, 2017

The mysterious Neil O'Brien MP

The Financial Times has an interesting story saying that the majority of new Conservative MPs voted Remain in last year's referendum.

Even more interesting to me is the fact that only one of those new Tory members has declined to tell anyone how he voted.

Step forward Harborough's Neil O'Brien.

The evidence is mixed. Ukip decided he was a "massive Remainer" and put up against him at the general election.

While the FT reminds us that:
He worked on a campaign against the euro in the early 2000s, and was a special adviser to George Osborne during the referendum.
My guess - and it is only a guess - is that, because of the Osborne connection, O'Brien did vote Remain and may even have campaigned for it. I also guess that he did not think this would endear him to his new constituency party.

But as he deleted all his tweets when he was adopted as Conservative candidate for Harborough, it is hard to be sure.

He could just tell us, of course.

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