Thursday, June 08, 2017

Six of the Best 697

Cicero's Songs says "Watching the UK election from afar has been a sad and chastening experience. The fact is that neither the Prime Minister nor the Leader of HM Opposition are fit for office,"

"Knowing when to quit is important in politics, as we’ll discover in the aftermath of this general election. But it’s true in political broadcasting too; and this election is likely to see the last outing for David Dimbleby as anchor of the BBC's results programme." So says Roger Mosey in an overkind piece, but Dimbleby will probably have other ideas.

"Emily Davidson’s death moved the public in a way that astonished the Government and probably did much to change the public’s attitude to women having the vote." Sal Brinton shares an account of Davidson's funeral by Mary Stocks. Stocks was Sal's cousin and also the cousin of the late David Rendel.

Kevin Munger programmed bots to fight racism on Twitter and it worked.

Tom Marshall heard Mark Gatiss speak at the Oxford Union.

"Over here there’s a huge emphasis on skills and just picking up a rugby ball and playing rugby as opposed to going to the gym to do squats or bench presses. People are far more excited about playing a game of tag or touch rather than seeing how much they can bench press." Piers Francis has been playing rugby union in New Zealand, Interviewed by the Telegraph, he offers a telling contrast between attitudes to training there and in Britain.

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