Friday, June 16, 2017

Jo Swinson needs to calm her "allies" down

An ally after being calmed down
Last night this story appeared on the Daily Telegraph website:
Vince Cable is too old to be Liberal Democrat leader, allies of frontrunner Jo Swinson have claimed, as they insisted the party must not go “from the dad to the grandad” when Tim Farron is replaced. 
Senior party sources view Ms Swinson, who is yet to announce that she will run, as the overwhelming favourite to take over from Mr Farron, with supporters of the current leader expected to “swing behind” the newly elected MP for East Dunbartonshire.
Jo needs to calm her "allies" down and quickly.


Rob Parsons said...

You may be right. But you're assuming the story is true. This is the Telegraph, which has no respect for inconveniences like the truth, and one of whose missions is to make life difficult for the LibDems.

Jonathan Calder said...

We are hardly living in a slow news week. And if the Telegraph did want to drum up some excitement to attract readers, I am afraid it is not the Liberal Democrats they would turn to.

Stuart said...

I was considering a vote for Jo Swinson if she decided to stand, this sort of thing will make me think twice. I had also resolved not to vote for Norman Lamb after his 'allies' raised Tim's religion against him.
I am at a loss why leadership candidates can't confine themselves to why they should be elected party leader rather than worry about the shortcomings (or otherwise of others)
beginning to look like I'll not vote or return a spoilt ballot.