Thursday, June 29, 2017

Six of the Best 703

"The Liberal Democrat vote fell in June because too few voters believed we were the party on their side and fighting for them on the issues they cared about." Some home truths from Iain Roberts.

Neil Monnery says we should be glad Vince Cable wants to be Lib Dem leader: "When your constitution says one of only 12 people can do the job and the other 11 say they don’t want it then what choice do we have? Do you attempt to force someone to do a job they don’t want or do you just back the person that does?"

"We are thus facing two developments that do not sit easily together: enormous wealth concentrated in relatively few hands and enormous numbers of people out of work." Kai-Fu Lee examines the real threat of artificial intelligence.

Adam Smith did not accept inequality as a necessary trade-off for a more prosperous economy, says
Deborah Boucoyannis.

Eleanor Scott explains that being a young archaeologist is not always fun.

"Passport to Pimlico isn’t just a hilarious movie. It’s the greatest mockery of independence ever made on film. It’s the perfect allegory of how enticing and yet deceitful rushed 'sovereignty' can be", argues Victor Fraga.

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