Monday, June 26, 2017

Joan and Eric White in Kelmarsh churchyard

I wrote the other day that
Most of the people I was on the council with have died and had roads named after them.
But I did not expect to come across two of them in the churchyard at Kelmarsh on Saturday.

Joan and Eric White were the power couple of Market Harborough politics. Conservative councillors, they were the last survivors of an era in which the interests of its shopkeepers had dominated the town.

My experience of them was the opposite of the general perception. I found Joan frosty and soon concluded that she did not approve of Liberals or people in their twenties being elected to Harborough District Council.

By contrast, I often chatted with Eric at meetings. Perhaps he had mellowed, and by then Joan was ill and I suspect he was glad of someone to talk to about it.

As far as I know, there is not a road in Market Harborough named after the Whites. Perhaps there should be?

Later. Thanks to the person on Twitter who told me that one of the new roads off Glebe Road - part of the controversial development on the old Bricky Tip - is named White Crescent.

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