Monday, April 09, 2018

Corbynite firebrand Chris Williamson MP ran Derby in coalition with the Conservatives

Today the Lion & Unicorn site published its 44 quotes by about Chris Williamson, the ultra-Corbynite Labour MP for Derby North.

The most striking one amongst them reminded us that, when he was the Labour leader of Derby City Council, he ran an administration in coalition with the Conservatives.

The Red Roar gave more details of this episode earlier this year:
Firebrand MP Chris Williamson formed a Labour-Tory alliance when he was leader of Derby City Council after Labour lost its majority in local elections.
Williamson, who signed up to the Pidcock Doctrine this week by stating he could never befriend a Tory, led Derby in coalition with the Tories for nearly two years from 2006. 
The deal was struck after the local elections in May of that year, when a third of the city’s councillors stood for reelection. 
The Tories and Lib Dems both made gains. Under the deal struck by Williamson, three Tory councillors joined the cabinet and Williamson remained leader. 
Archived copies of the Derby City Council website show that Williamson was leader of a Conservative – Labour alliance from at least May 2006 to March 2008, with Williamson sitting alongside Tory councillors in cabinet throughout that period.
It went on to refer us to a Derby Liberal Democrats press release from the period:
Derby Liberal Democrats have slammed the decision of Labour and Conservative groups on the city council to form an Alliance. 
Liberal Democrat group leader Hilary Jones said "It is a slap in the face for the people of Derby. The public gave their verdict on Thursday. The Liberal Democrats were the only party to gain seats in Thursday's elections. Both the Labour and Conservative parties lost seats. Now the two losing parties have joined together in a desperate attempt to cling onto power.
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceIf I did not find this so funny I would be outraged.

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