Monday, April 02, 2018

Six of the Best 780

Nick Barlow is not the first person to observe that the Liberal Democrat policy process is broken.

"Without the clout of the European Union behind us we are isolated and having to swallow the unacceptable to do the deals that are needed if we are not to remain that way." Peter Black on the unravelling of the Leavers' promises on international trade.

Victoria Dilly celebrates the transformative power of the school library.

As a teenager, Saul Chandler was an elite violinist, a rare talent. Then, something happened. Fifty years later, reports Alex Vadukul, he has found a refuge in a New York boatyard.

"Conan Doyle’s ... belief in the Cottingley Fairies is sometimes glossed over or even ignored by biographers. It shouldn’t be; it’s a telling glimpse into the character of a man too often confused with his cold, rational hero." Mary Losure examines a strange episode in the author's career.

Adam Scovell visits The Wirral and the locations of the 1950 Ealing comedy The Magnet, which starred a very young James Fox.

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