Friday, April 06, 2018

The new Liberator and the elusive review of the Lib Dems' 2017 general election campaign

The new Liberator has arrived - you can subscribe to this Liberal magazine via its website.

As well as Lord Bonkers' Diary and my review of Chris Rennard's memoirs, both of which I shall post here, it contains its usual Radical Bulletin section. This prints the news about the party that other people don't.

The lead story in RB this time is about the elusive review of the Liberal Democrats' 2017 general election campaign.

As it says:
After the 2015 general election, the Liberal Democrats took pride in publishing James Gurling's review of that campaign, which if not 'warts and all' had plenty of warts. 
So what's happened to the 2017 version? It was barely mentioned until Liberator posted extracts from a leaked copy on its website in February. 
Even the party's English executive was barred by the Federal Board from seeing the full version - it was told it would get a summary, but didn't
You can download those extracts from the Liberator website as a pdf.

Other stories in RB this time include the strategy debate at Southport, the Lib Dems' disciplinary process and the group that gets a £10,000 donation from the party, staff passes for our HQ but has no elected executive.

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