Sunday, April 08, 2018

Did Kemi Badenoch hack Harriet Harman's website?

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From the Mail on Sunday today:
A Tory MP tipped as a future Prime Minister has admitted breaking the law by hacking into a Labour opponent’s website. 
Kemi Badenoch, a newly appointed vice-chairman of the party, confessed that she launched the cyber-attack on the Labour MP’s site in order to write pro-Tory propaganda under their name. 
Hacking into websites is a criminal offence – and can be punished with a prison sentence of up to two years.
A youthful prank that can be forgiven after a good telling off?

No, Badenoch was 28 when she carried out the attack.

As to the victim, Aaron Bastani suggests it was Harriet Harman.

He links to a cached copy of a deleted page from the Guido Fawkes site that laughed at an attack on Harman's site.

Sure enough, the attack took place 10 years ago, when Badenoch was 28.

Like Ben Bradley, incidentally, Badenoch is a vice chairman of the Conservative Party.


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