Saturday, April 28, 2018

Keith Vaz vs Andrew Bridgen: The battle continues

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One of the more entertaining aspects of Leicestershire politics is the mutual antipathy between Keith Vaz (Labour MP for Leicester East) and Andrew Bridgen (Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire).

The latest manoeuver in the battle is reported by the Sun:
Counter-fraud cops last night confirmed they were looking into allegations against shamed Labour MP Keith Vaz. 
The National Crime Agency said it was taking questions over his unexplained £4million wealth “very seriously”. 
They made the revelation to Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who has demanded a probe into how Mr Vaz has amassed such a large property empire on an average annual earnings of just £90,000.
In a separate report the Sun suggests that Mr Vaz was rather busy during the period when the parliamentary investigation into his was suspended because of his poor health.

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