Monday, May 07, 2018

How Brexit helped the Lib Dems take South Cambridgeshire

Was Brexit a factor in the Liberal Democrats' local election successes last week?

The answer from South Cambridgeshire at least is yes, but in an indirect way.

Here is Bridget Smith, the new Lib Dem leader of the council talking to Cambridge News:
Cllr Smith said that while Brexit had played a role, it was far from the "definitive" issue campaigners encountered on doorsteps. 
"When the vote was passed to leave Europe our membership went through the roof," she explained. "Suddenly you have lot's of people wanting to help you. 
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice"I had messages from people for them Brexit was the big ticket issue, but there's lot's of people for whom the more local issues swung it for them."

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John Pugh said...

Bit worried by apostrophe amnesia hitting Cambridge of all places but congrats to everyone -lots of them