Sunday, May 27, 2018

What became of Jeremy Thorpe's son?

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Rupert Thorpe's editors had some terse words for him before he left for Prince Harry's Invictus Games in Toronto: "Get that effing picture." 
That picture — the money shot, as Thorpe calls it — is the first one of the prince and his Toronto-based girlfriend, Meghan Markle, side by side, in their first official public outing as a couple.
Rupert Thorpe? Yes, this CBC story is about that Rupert Thorpe.

The son of the former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe with is first wife Caroline, Rupert is now a press photographer.

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceIn fact he appears to be something of a paparazzo. He was one of the four photographers involved in Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones's famous court case over their wedding pictures.

You can visit his website Rupert Thorpe Photography.

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