Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Six of the Best 791

The author of Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing, John Boughton, is interviewed about the way providing social housing can fuel economic growth.

Simon Baron-Cohen considers the revelations about Hans Asperger’s collusion with the Nazis,

"It is conventional wisdom that immigration played a central role in the 2016 EU Referendum. But what about the long-term role of European elites and EU institutions in (unwittingly) creating the seismic conditions for the Brexit vote in the first place?" asks Jeremy Richardson.

Carlo Celli and Nathan Richardson on the effect of abandoning coaching children at football: "As the kids were left alone, the quality of play actually increased. The kids began flicking creative passes to their teammates with the tips of their bare toes, looking for nutmegs, turning scissors and Maradona moves, even trying no-look passes on their own, out of the simple joy of the game."

lozmac on the mystery of the Numbers Stations that broadcast on shortwave radio.

The 29 stages of a Twitterstorm are set out by Tom Phillips.

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