Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Leicester's only Tory councillor is knocked down by a tram

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We have seen Jack Hickey, the boy chairman of Leicester Conservatives, promise the city a tram system (though we have not heard him say how be proposes to pay for it).

We have seen that the city's only Tory councillor, Ross Grant, does not think much of the idea.

The latest news is that this opposition may have cost Grant the chance to defend his seat next year.

The Leicester Mercury reports that the city Conservatives held a selection meeting last week and Grant was not chosen to fight his Knighton ward:
The Mercury asked Leicester Conservative chairman Jack Hickey why Coun Grant had not been re-selected. 
He said: "Ross didn’t attend the meeting. 
"We have selected two of the three candidates for Knighton." 
The Mercury asked Mr Hickey if Coun Grant would be the third candidate. 
He said: "It’s possible. 
"But Ross has to start attending meetings and he has to start supporting Conservative policies. 
"He has gone a bit maverick lately." 
Do read the whole report. It shows that Leicester Conservatives' boy chairman has a unique approach to winning local elections.

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