Monday, May 07, 2018

Six of the Best 788

"I became involved with Labour Against Antisemitism, and looked at what local Labour members had been doing online. I saw Holocaust denial sitting side by side with Corbyn worship; accusations that ‘Israhell’ and ‘the Rothschilds’ were organ harvesting alongside heartfelt prayers for aliens to ‘kill the Zionists’." An anonymous contributor to Bristol Live shares her experience of antisemitism in the city.

"If political and TV programming decisions are determined by opinion polls and focus groups – and failing that by some image of a narrow-minded voting and viewing public with no attention spans– there’ll be no room for the high-minded. Debate will be replaced by an exchange of sound-bites." Chris Dillow blogs about Britain's intellectual decline.

John Stuart Mill's annotations in the margins of the books in his library tell us a lot about his mind, says Albert Pionke.

Andy Boddington explains how Joe from the Windrush generation helped shape his life. "As a shy, skinny weakling, I learnt the principles of equality even before I knew what those words meant. I got to understand the value of friendship. Joe treated me as an equal."

In Britain hauntings don't just occur in ancient manor houses, old inns and Gothic asylums. as Ray Newman shows.

NG and Beyond explores Nottingham's Lenton railway triangle.

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