Friday, May 11, 2018

Six of the Best 790

"Come again – you mean, the sanctions regime that forces people to food banks, that leaves them without the basic means of providing for themselves – we agreed to that in order to get a plastic bag tax?" Caron Lindsay is not impressed by Polly Mackenzie's blasé revelations.

Andrew Page wishes we could stop talking about Tim Farron.

"The emergence of community politics owed itself directly to the aftermath of 1968. But sadly the counterculture has petered out inside the Lib Dems, and has become so much part of the background noise that nobody really notices it any more." David Boyle on the lessons of les événements.

Wayne Asher says plans for a Silvertown Tunnel show that government has learnt nothing from history.

It is so important for us to listen to and talk to Flat Earthers and to approach them as much with understanding as ridicule, argues Michael Marshall.

Imagine a man who dismissed W.G. Grace at cricket, captained England at football and drew with world champion Alekhine at chess. You don't have to: he really existed. John Saunders introduces us to Charles Wreford-Brown.

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