Friday, December 28, 2018

David Howarth helps write report on forcing a referendum on Theresa May's Brexit deal

Best for Britain has published a report looking at ways the government could be forced to call a referendum on Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Roads not yet explored: Routes to a final say sets out four possible roads to this outcome:
  • Amendments to the Section 13 Motion
  • Replacing no deal with a Final Say
  • Voting down the deal and negotiating a Final Say
  • Demonstration of political support to get no deal off the table 
The second option is the most radical as it would make the raising of taxation dependent upon the government agreeing to a second referendum.

For more detail, follow the link above and download the report.

It appears to be the work of Dominic Grieve, the leading Conservative Remainer, and David Howarth, the former Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge.

Howarth always struck me as the most intellectually impressive Lib Dem MP of his era. I am glad he is involved in the campaign against Theresa May's deal.

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