Thursday, December 13, 2018

Six of the Best 836

"What is clear is that Theresa May’s deal is dead. What is not clear is whether any deal exists that can pass through parliament." Martin Veart on the latest Brexit developments.

Janette Martin says the collections held at the University of Manchester Library deepen our understanding of Peterloo and its cultural impact on the city of Manchester.

Stephen Kotkin revisits Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: "On this centenary of his birth, and tenth anniversary of his passing, we can see that Solzhenitsyn was dead-on about the soul-crushing Soviet system, from a moral and not just a political point of view, and to a degree right about the materialist mania and moral rot of the West."

"Author Richard Adams may have thought it was just 'a story about rabbits', but for more than 40 years, Watership Down has functioned as a litmus test for what is and is not considered to be suitable content in children’s entertainment." Catherine Lester fears the BBC's new family-friendly version risks losing the power of the original.

"But if there was a single theme around which K-Punk’s eclectic energies organized, it was the future. Specifically: What happened to it? Fisher feared that we were losing our ability to conceptualize a tomorrow that was radically different from our present." Hua Hsu on Mark Fisher, K-Punk and the futures that never arrived.

James Parker reviews Roger Daltrey's 'Thanks a Lot, Mr Kibblewhite'.

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