Thursday, December 27, 2018

Six of the Best 840

"He was a true leader in a period of history when leadership is largely missing." David Boyle pays his tribute to Paddy Ashdown.

John Naughton argues that social media poses an existential threat to our idea of democracy.

"The corruption of the Republican Party in the Trump era seemed to set in with breathtaking speed. In fact, it took more than a half century to reach the point where faced with a choice between democracy and power, the party chose the latter." George Packer dissects the corruption of the US Republican Party.

Can Comic Sans be forgiven because it helps dyslexic learners? No, says Jon Severs.

Peter Gibbs remembers meeting Sydney Barnes - arguably England's greatest ever bowler and a difficult man,

"The overlapping of the rural and the urban, the pastoral and the modern, creates a liminal, edgelands clearing in which the ambivalent attitude to the emergence of the industrial landscape can play itself out." Corse Present reads the ghost stories of L.T.C. Rolt.

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