Friday, December 14, 2018

Michael Brooke: The later career of the first owner of The Magnet

This clip comes from the 1950 Ealing comedy The Magnet, which is of most interest today because its star grew up to be James Fox.

I last posted it when I blogged about the film in the summer.

But who is the other boy in the clip? The younger boy Fox cons into swapping his magnet?

He is Michael Brooke, and his IMDB biography describes his later career:
Bilingual, he was educated at the LycĂ©e Francais in London and read Law at Edinburgh University and was called to the bar in November 1968. He became a distinguished and well-regarded Barrister, and later Judge. 
His greatest achievement, in the late Eighties and early Nineties, was obtaining compensation from the National Health Service for over 1000 hemophiliacs who had been treated with blood contaminated with HIV, and later for those infected with Hepatitis C.
Michael Brooke died in 2014. You can read about his legal career in more detail in his Medico-Legal Journal obituary.

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