Saturday, December 22, 2018

Lord Bonkers reads Paddy Ashdown's autobiography

The old boy is inconsolable this evening and blowing his nose very loudly, but I found this tribute to Paddy's memoirs that he wrote in 2013.

Advising an ambitious young correspondent, he wrote:
Once you have been adopted, however, there is only one volume that will do: A Fortunate Life: The Autobiography of Paddy Ashdown (which is by Paddy Ashdown, incidentally). 
I know of no book that sets out half so clearly what is needed to win an election campaign. I don’t mean the chapter on "The Winning of Yeovil" that was made available free on the electric internet recently, excellent though it is In Its Way: no, I am thinking about the section on jungle warfare in Sarawak where Ashplant explains how to mount patrols, the best way to lay an ambush and how to treat an open wound using red ants. It was no surprise to me when, armed with this knowledge, we took control of South Somerset District Council.

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