Friday, November 11, 2022

Colin Firth and John Fortune in Crown Court

Crown Court was the ITV daytime programme you watched if you were off school with a cold. Across four days, a trial was presented and a verdict then given by a jury of members of the public.

The stories were appealing, but what I did not appreciate when I first saw it was how extraordinary the cast often was. Week after week, rising young actors mingled with declining legends.

Take this clip from the 1984 story Citizens. The police constable giving evidence is Colin Firth in his very first screen role and counsel is John Fortune, seen in the long gap between his fame in the satire boom of the early Sixties and his rediscovery in Rory Bremner's shows of the Nineties.

The good news is that there numerous Crown Court stories to be found on YouTube, and I can also recommend Ivan Kirby's blog Fulchester Crown Court.

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