Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Joy of Six 1088

The power of social media platforms in shaping the digital public sphere means they should not be in the hands of billionaires, argues Alex Krasodomski,

Adam Bienkov asks if the Conservatives have chosen another duff leader: "Sunak’s promise to lead a morally impeccable government didn’t even last a week. Having resigned from Boris Johnson’s government just four months ago over his handling of similar scandals, Sunak appears to be making exactly the same mistakes as the man he so recently abandoned."

"Constituency names are getting longer, and although this is less measurable, they are uglier and often less historically resonant." Lewis Baston on the Boundary Commission's latest proposals.

"The royal family’s problems around the merging of fact and fiction are partly of its own making." Philip Murphy says that if the Palace wants to complain about The Crown then it must be more open with its own records.

Ammar Kalia on the documentary that reflected his own experience of transracial adoption: "I didn’t want it to be a clickbait story of a white family with a black kid; I wanted to make the film that the 15-year-old me needed to see - acknowledging the difficulties, but also showing that how you started in life doesn’t have to dictate your present or future."

"The sheer, bizarre vehemence and intensity of The Draughtsman’s Contract confronts the viewer now in the same way as it did then, and whatever its indulgence, this is a movie which (rather magnificently) refuses to dumb anything down, always demanding the highest pitch of attention." Peter Bradshaw is dazzled by the re-release of Peter Greenaway's breakthrough film. 

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