Saturday, November 05, 2022

Shrewsbury plaques condemn Tory MP over sewage in the Severn

Campaigners have installed blue plaques around Shrewsbury, accusing its MP Daniel Kawczynski of 'shamefully' voting to dump raw sewage into the River Severn.

Kenny Anderson, a spokesperson for the Shrewsbury River Action Group, told the Shropshire Star:

"You wouldn’t leave a toilet overflowing for 28 years and we shouldn’t do the same with our waterways. The River Severn river lies at the heart of Shrewsbury.

"We all swim in it, boat on it, fish in it, and walk along it on a daily basis. So why isn’t our MP fighting to stop it from being turned into an open sewer?"

Photo stolen from @ChamberlainLuke on Twitter. 

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