Monday, November 14, 2022

GUEST POST Did the Russians kill President Kennedy?

Lee Harvey Oswald went to live in Russia in 1959 and returned to the US in 1961. Two years later he assassinated President Kennedy. Jack White asks if the most obvious theory about his motive is true. 

On 22 November 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. Minutes later the spy chief of an intelligence agency telephones the head of station of a sister intelligence agency. Both men had met the assassin months earlier.

He asks the question of his counterpart whether the action had been taken. The coded reply was yes. Unknown to the two men, the telephone call is being listened to and transcribed. Now, nearly 60 years later, the transcript of that astonishing conversation has surfaced. 

My name is Jack White. I am an investigative historian. I find the documents overlooked by other historians. I discovered this explosive transcript, an authenticated document in an intelligence archive of millions of files declassified in 2017. 

Like most of the sensational documents I have uncovered in my career, it is a faded typewritten manuscript with little significance until you understand the people involved, those referenced, the time of the transcript and the context all have the highest significance. 

It was a document that prompted high-level immediate action and then inexplicably was buried deep in bureaucracy, never to be shown to the public Inquiry launched in 1964. Its existence was then overlooked for nearly 60 years.

The JFK assassination has given rise to the mother of all conspiracy theories - one that has spawned 20,000 books. A significant number of people in the US and around the world believe a conspiracy resulted in the murder of America’s most dynamic and loved president. This death is a mirror of our own beliefs and often reveals more about the writer than the subject. 

So who were the spymasters who made that suspicious cryptic telephone call just 20 minutes after the fateful shots?  The call, in coded conversation ,effectively asked "has the package been delivered?", "has the deed been done?"

Was the head of station at MI6 calling the head of station at the CIA. Was it the head of station of Israel’s Mossad phoning the head of station at the French DST?

No, the two men were the head of Cuban intelligence in Mexico City, Alfred Mirabal, who called the head of Russia's KGB spy agency, Valery Kostikov, at the Soviet embassy in Mexico City at 12.50pm.

Mirabal asked his Russian colleague “Has the suitcase been recovered?” to which his counterpart Kostikov simply replied “Yes.”

Both men had met Kennedy’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City at the Cuban Consulate and Russian Embassy two months before in September 1963. The call namechecks their colleagues who had also met Oswald, and the timing so close to the killing raises clear evidence of foreknowledge of the assassination by the Cuban Intelligence Service and KGB.

The evidence, including a copy of the Kostikov transcript and the flight records of Soviet diplomats whose movements shadowed Oswald's, along with overlooked evidence of his links to the KGB, points to a US Government cover-up at the highest level to displace blame away from Russia and Cuba at the most dangerous moment in the Cold War. This is a time when the missiles could have flown if the true facts had become known.

Did the Russians and Cubans really kill Kennedy? You can read more in my book Recovering Oswald's Suitcase, £12.99 paperback, £7.99 eBook.

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