Sunday, November 06, 2022

The Joy of Six 1087

Doug Cowan argues that Liz Truss and Boris Johnson should not publish resignation honours lists.

Ruth Swailes writes about the crucial importance of her friendship network when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and fears that spending cuts mean young parents in the future will not enjoy the same support.

Levelling up, it seems, is back, so what do the people of Barnsley want from it? Suzanne Hall asked them: "The people we spoke with contrasted today’s job market – characterised by low-skilled, low-paid, precarious employment – with the thriving industries of yesteryear. And while they recognised the downsides of the heavy industries, and didn’t necessarily want them to return, they did want something to take its place."

"It was a mercy killing, of course. The BBC have finally put Mark Lawrenson out of his misery. And to nobody’s astonishment, his response is sour and graceless: Lawrenson is claiming he was sacked for being an 'old white man', yet another noble and blameless victim of the tyranny of 'woke'." Taylor Parkes says good riddance to Mark Lawrenson.

A London Inheritance takes us to the disused high-level station at Highgate: "After the war, the lack of finance, along with a reduction in passenger numbers conspired against any further electrification or expansion of the northern rail lines and whilst the Northern Line was not at risk, traffic through the hhigh level station was such that routes through the station gradually closed, with the last passenger train running through Highgate high level station to Alexandra Palace in July 1954."

Mike and Bernie Winters deserve to be remembered more kindly, suggests Graham McCann. "If they are remembered at all these days, tend to be remembered: as the butt of better double acts' gags, and the bullseye that hecklers hit."

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