Friday, November 04, 2022

Gavin Williamson emerges as new contender to be the first minister to leave Sunak's cabinet

Those with money on Suella Braverman will have been brought up short by this story in the Guardian:

Gavin Williamson is facing a complaint that he sent "vile" and "threatening" messages to former chief whip Wendy Morton, raising questions over Rishi Sunak’s decision to reappoint the twice-sacked Tory.

Morton is believed to have made a formal complaint to the Conservative party over claims of Williamson’s behaviour to her in the final days of Liz Truss’s government. 

A source told Tortoise Media that Morton had passed on "vile and threatening messages" she had received during the time she was chief whip, which she considered had a misogynistic undertone.

Serious punters will be aware that Williamson has form.

Williamson has been sacked twice. Theresa May forced him to step down as defence secretary after an inquiry into a leak from the national security council, raising security fears, and Boris Johnson ousted him from cabinet over his handling of the exam fiasco when he was education secretary.

The Guardian, however, quotes him as saying he "strongly refutes [sic] these allegations".

Williamson was brought back by Boris Johnson and then Sunak as a reward for helping with their successful leadership campaigns.

Read more on Tortoise Media (scroll down to find this story).

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nigel hunter said...

I have heard that Williamson is to become a 'sir'.If so is this Sunak rewarding him and saying 'up yours'to others?
Is there also an arguement that he could be 'got out of the way' be elevating him to the Lords?

Patrick Coleman said...

Already knighted- and a CBE- and a Privy Counsellor- and deserved none of them. Someone with a record so poor they make Nadine Dorries look almost average