Sunday, December 04, 2022

Download the new issue of Liberator now

The new issue of Liberator (issue 415, December 2022) has just been posted on the magazine's website. You can download it from there free of charge.

I'll start posting Lord Bonkers' latest diary tomorrow, but first let's have a look at Radical Bulletin, the section that tells you what is really going on in the Liberal Democrats.

Here are the headlines and first paragraphs from the opening three items:

A day in court
It is without known precedent for a Lib Dem member as prominent as Jo Hayes to be expelled, and with the party establishment refusing to give a clear explanation as to why it can hardly complain that conspiracy theories have taken hold...

A little advice
When barrister Anthony Hook’s investigation into the Lib Dem complaints system and  alleged unfair sacking of a senior adjudicator reported in the summer (Liberator 413) it  became essential for the party to get legal advice on whether its definition of transphobia was lawful...

Staying away in droves
The turnout in the Lib Dem presidential election was frankly pathetic and those for the party committees are likely to have been even worse...

Now read on.

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