Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Jethro Tull: Ring Out, Solstice Bells

There's only one song it's possible to choose today. Ring Out, Solstice Bells is a track from Jethro Tull's 1977 album Songs from the Wood.

When I was 17 I thought this was the best LP there's ever been or could ever be (with the possible exception of Kate Bush's The Kick Inside.)


nigel hunter said...

Another earthy folk group..Could follow it up with New year carol-residue-Waterson Carthy.Keep up the good work

Jonathan Calder said...

I've posted the New Year Carol several times here, but used the setting from Benjamin Britten's Friday Afternoons. I've tried to avoid boys' voices dominating this Advent calendar, but that recording is just beautiful. Wes Anderson used a couple of other songs from it in Moonrise Kingdom.

My other New Year song is The January Man by Martin Carthy, which you may enjoy.