Thursday, December 29, 2005

Around the Lib Dem blogs

First of all, welcome to Iain Sharpe's new blog Eaten by Missionaries. It's a great title and he makes a promising start.

Elsewhere Susanne Lamido takes Tom Brake to task for what may well be the silliest press release in the history of Western democracy. That release begins:

Father Christmas should consider changing his mode of transport to make himself more environmentally friendly.

Liberal Democrat research has revealed that Santa Claus, by continuing to use a fleet of reindeer for his deliveries on Christmas Eve, is failing to take the most environmentally sustainable option.

and gets worse after that.

If you give someone called Brake the transport portfolio you have to think he is very good indeed. This isn't any good at all.

If you want to see how a seasonal press release should be done, have a look at the one by Paul Burstow on the thousands of old people who die alone with no friends or family.

Finally, Mary Reid offers a grim portrait of a motorway service station during the festive season.


Suz said...

Cool the way Jonathan has added his links to my blog under the comments.

For the life of me can't work out how he's done it. Every time I've tried it, the link get posted as a normal posting

Help please?

Jonathan Calder said...


It is nothing I have done. The link was added automatically because you have Backlinks turned on for your own blog

They live on the Comments tab under Settings.

Anonymous said...

Your posting is more sarcastic (blunt) but true all the same.

"Tom Brake... what may well be the silliest press release in the history of Western democracy".

Will be interesting to see what you pen in your Lib Dem News column and the next issue of the Liberator

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

Am I the only one who thinks that, compared to much of the drivel put out by the Lib Dem PP on a daily basis, Tom Brake's Santa press release was just a bit of harmless silliness?