Friday, December 16, 2005

Free the Ming One

The latest theory is that Menzies Campbell is in the clear. He is as innocent as Spot.

Ming has not been briefing against Charles Kennedy. Other people have been doing it and promoting Ming as a caretaker leader while they get their campaigns together for next time. "Isn't Ming looking well these days?" you hear them ask.

Campbell was interviewed on the Today programme this morning and, rather than answer the charge in detail, he fell back on his dignity. That is a favourite trick of his.

A friend of mine asked him at a fringe meeting at a Lib Dem Conference a few years ago whether he regretted the time he and Paddy Ashdown has spent trying to do a deal with Blair after the 1997 general election. Didn't it represent a missed opportunity?

Campbell replied that he did not think he had damaged his integrity in any way, which rather missed the point.

Mind you, Campbell's integrity is a wonderful thing to fall back on. If you are ever trapped on the fourth floor of a burning building, just look for out for it below. You can be sure of a comfortable landing.

Meanwhile, see Steve Bell's take on the Kennedy-Campbell relationship.

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