Sunday, December 18, 2005

Does Andrew Rawnsley read Lord Bonkers?

Andrew Rawnsley writes on the Lib Dems' current travails in today's Observer. His conclusion seems about right:

For the moment, the Lib Dems have got the worst of all worlds: they have damaged their leader by manoeuvring against him and he has wounded himself by demanding loyalty oaths from senior colleagues which they have conspicuously failed to deliver.

How will it all end? Badly, very likely. Politics so often does. The Lib Dems should be clear about one thing. It would be a delusion to think that finishing Charles Kennedy would be the end of all their problems. In many ways, it would be only the beginning.

What also struck me more, though, was his discussion of the various pretenders to Kennedy's crown. There he writes:
Simon Hughes is popular with party members - he ran Mr Kennedy quite close in the last leadership election - but the Reverend Hughes is much less loved by his parliamentary colleagues who also note that he was not a very successful candidate for mayor of London.

The Reverend Hughes? That is how my old friend Lord Bonkers had been referring to him for years. Could it be that Rawnsley is one of the old boy's loyal readers?

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