Thursday, December 29, 2005

Here we go again

"Good will to all men" does not extend to Charles Kennedy, at least as far as his colleagues and political journalists are concerned. The Guardian website quotes an anonymous (as ever) "Lib Dem frontbencher" as saying that:

Mr Kennedy's new year message showed he should go because it was directed more at attacking the government than the new Tory leader.

"One way or another, things have got to be resolved in the next 14 days," the MP said.

"We all have to decide where we are going in the next fortnight on that particular issues."

Later. There is a longer report by Patrick Wintour in Friday's paper.


Edis said...

Fourteen days. What a coincidence, that takes us up to the one-day event in London on the policy review. You don't think someone might mistake this for 'Kennedy's last chance' etc etc... sigh.

Suz said...

Snap - Wonder if are there are going to be some surprises at the 'Meeting the Challege' Conference.