Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Briefings against Kennedy "must stop"

The other day I commented that some Lib Dem MPs are obviously briefing against Charles Kennedy. Today the BBC reports [but see this later posting]:

Tuesday's meeting of what the Lib Dems call their "shadow cabinet" was seen as an opportunity for Mr Kennedy to stamp his authority on warring factions within the party.

A spokesman said he was angry at the persistent gossip and rumours about his leadership.

The spokesman also reiterated the point that Mr Kennedy was re-elected unopposed as party leader at the start of the parliamentary term.

After the meeting, a spokesman said in a statement: "We don't usually comment on shadow cabinet meetings, but we had a useful discussion about the complaint against the BBC.

"Considerable irritation was expressed by the shadow cabinet about anonymous briefings appearing in the press, and members unanimously agreed that such briefings must stop."

We shall see. Mind you, I think that "What the Lib Dems call their 'shadow cabinet'" is a little unkind.

Meanwhile Iain Dale's Diary has an interesting story:
A few days ago Andrew Neil announced to the nation that he had it on very good authority that Charles Kennedy would resign in March next year. Strange that this happened the night after Menzies Campbell was reportedly the only Lib Dem present at Andrew Neil's Christmas Party.

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