Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Me old Rutland sausage

In September of last year my old friend Lord Bonkers wrote:

Do you know Oakham Pier? I would liken it to the West Pier at Brighton, though it has to be admitted that the relentless tides of Rutland Water have left it in a worse state of repair than its cousin on the South Coast. Yet I can remember the days when the music hall at its far end was simply the place to be seen. The management prided itself on importing the best acts from every corner of the British Empire. Who could forget Jan Christian Smuts and his hilarious song “When father papered the impala”? Why, I myself could sometimes be prevailed upon to give a performance of “So I gave her a taste of me old Rutland sausage” or “Please Mr Gladstone, save a fallen woman for me” if it was a particularly riotous house!
For some reason this diary is missing from his lordship's own website (I'll catch it) but can be found on the Liberator site.

Anyway, on Sunday I bought some Rutland sausages and was pleased to see that they were noticeably larger than the other varieties on sale.


PipeTobacco said...


I am pleased to have found your blog. I came across it via your December 2nd post mentioning pipe tobacco. With all the papers you excerpt from, do you subscribe to these or are they available free on-line?

Is pipe smoking at all common anymore in the UK? Unfortunately here in the USA it is very uncommon.

Please visit my blog if you have time. I think you will find we have similar ideas and thoughts on many subjects.



Jonathan Calder said...

The papers I quote from are all freely available. The BBC and Guardian sites do not even require registration, which is why I quote from them most often.

I am not an expert on pipe smoking, but I think it should be obligatory for professors.