Thursday, December 15, 2005

Was it Ming?

Who has been briefing against Charles Kennedy?

Recess Monkey reckons it was Menzies Campbell, though the naughty simian produces no hard evidence to back this up.

Still, it does tie in with Iain Dale's claim the other day. He said Andrew Neil's announcement that Charles Kennedy would stand down at the Lib Dem Spring Conference next year came the day after Neil's birthday party. Where Ming was the only Lib Dem MP present.

I am not saying that Ming is guilty, but shouldn't he come forward and clear things up?

Well, he has. Sort of.

Later: there are other theories.


Anonymous said...

Are you not sure some of the leaks are not coming out of party HQ. There are some real trouble makers working there who would like to make a name for themself.

Anonymous said...

Think Ming has been well and truly used, as his pointed comments on the Today programme indicate...