Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Clegg vs Huhne: It's a two-horse race

This makes things more interesting.

The people at Chris Huhne's campaign website claim a late surge of support for their man:
The figures show that the number of undecided voters has fallen dramatically over the past ten days (from 38.4% to 17.5%) and that these members have plumped overwhelmingly for the Eastleigh MP.
What should we make of this?

Mike Smithson from writes:
I have quizzed Huhne’s campaign manager about how this was carried out. The “pollster” was not one of the conventional firms but a market research company which for various reasons they do not want to name publicly though I have been told who it was ...

That there is a move to Huhne seems to chime with other signs but it is hard to measure the scale and to assess the impact on the outcome given that a large number of members have already voted.

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