Saturday, December 15, 2007

Corndon Hill

Today's Hill of the Day is Corndon Hill, which is just over the Welsh border from Shropshire - though that border appears to be negotiable in its vicinity.

As the BBC's Shropshire pages say:
Travel anywhere around the Stiperstones or the Bishop's Castle to Shrewsbury road and your view will be dominated by Corndon Hill. At 513 metres it's not far off the height of Shropshire's highest hill, Brown Clee.

The border skirts around the edge of this magnificent hill - but 100 or more years ago the view would have been very different.

Corndon looks down over Shropshire's lead-mining heartland, which even today is studded with disused engine houses and mining waste tips. A century ago this view was teeming with chimneys belching smoke from the mines, as well as the odd aerial ropeway or two.
Don't miss the BBC's panoramic view from Corndon Hill either.

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