Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Zombies: She's Not There

This Sunday's video comes from one of the great British bands of the 1960s, though they are sometimes overlooked in the histories.

How was it that in the middle of that decade geeky grammar school boys suddenly found themselves able to write and perform music like this?

One thing's for sure: it had nothing to do with government rolling out benchmarked plans for popular music across all sectors, or however they put it these days.


Onlinefocus Team said...

You have good taste !- Odessey and Oracle is a remarkable album. I remember borrowing it from Southend Library in about 1976...

Peter said...

Good stuff. But wasn't Time of the season even better?

Onlinefocus Team said...

Hello Peter,

I don't think so - Time of the Season gets a fair bit of Radio play, but some of the tracks on O and O are really beautiful.

If you look on You-Tube there's a few things to find